International Planning and Compliance


Develop your export plan

Creating an international/export business plan is important not only for defining goals and objectives, an action and implementation timetable, but it is also required if you plan to seek export financing assistance.


We can help you prepare the plan in advance of making export loan requests from your bank, which can save valuable time and money. 


Import and Export Compliance

Companies are responsible to ensure their export and import activities are in compliance with all laws and procedures of countries where they conduct business and where their customers are located.


Not following these rules and regulations can cause delays, fines and penalties and significantly impact the bottom line. We help you understand, navigate and comply to the requirements specific to your product.



One of the key components of international shipping is paperwork. Having accurate and complete documentation is vital for ensuring shipments can clear customs and arrive in a timely manner.


One incorrect or missing form can stop your products, cause customer dissatisfaction and result in lost sales. We make sure paperwork does not stand in your way.



Correct tariff classification of goods is a major component of trade compliance. Accross the world, customs officials expect accuracy and periodic domestic audits require it.


Duties, taxes and other fees are specific to your product's tariff number, making correct classification vital for the bottom line. We will make sure your practices comply with importing or exporting regulations.


Licensing & Permits

Certain products require licensing and permits in order to be moved accross borders. Not having the required permits and licenses for commodities and destinations can cause significant delays as well as fines and penalties. 


We help you mitigate the risk of non compliance before any problems arise.